What’s Your Hair Routine?

“What is your hair routine?” This may not be a question that you’re asked daily or even all that often, but maybe, is something you should think about. What is your hair routine? Is it complete with scalp massages, nourishing deep conditioning treatments, leave-in serums, sprays and styling with heat tools? Or simply shampooing, conditioning, and air-drying? Our hair can say a lot about us. It can be a form of expression and a way of accessorizing, through color and/or style, so it only makes sense to take the best care of it possible!

Is your hair truly getting all the vitamins and nutrients that it needs to grow healthy and strong? Is your hair receiving the vital oils and extracts that can naturally aid in locking in moisture and preventing breakage? Through nutrient deficiencies, environmental pollutants, and so on, it’s possible that your hair may not be getting the absolute most out of your hair routine. And hey! It can be hard at times when there are so many products out there to choose from; each promising the optimal results. However, you should be getting the absolute most from your hair routine, while ensuring that your hair is healthy all the way from the root to the ends!

Read on for the best tips for taking care of your luscious locks, and ensuring that it’s receiving the vital nutrients it needs!


While healthy hair does start from the inside, it also requires an equal amount of attention and cares on the outside for optimal growth. Hair loss is never an enjoyable experience, whether it be from over-processing, poorly-constructed products, or alopecia. One of the easiest and most fundamental ways to encourage hair growth is by simply massaging the scalp. Scalp massage is something that can be incorporated during the shampoo and conditioning process, or even throughout the day as well. Doing so will increase blood flow to the hair follicles, which then will stimulate hair growth.

It’s also important to use a shampoo which provides clarifying effects, which can also help with thinning hair. By clarifying the scalp, it gently cleanses while clearing away any follicle-clogging particles, which prevent healthy and regular hair growth! While some clarifying shampoos can be too potent for everyday use, The Zac Von Sleek women shampoo and men shampoo provides a gentle clarifying effect to keep your scalp clean and protect against pollution. Another great factor? It’s not tested on animals!

By starting your hair routine by massaging a clarifying shampoo into your scalp, you’re not only freeing the hair follicles of any environmental factors that can cause blockage, but also allowing optimal blood flow to the follicles. In addition, massaging the scalp can open the pores, thus allowing optimal absorption of key nutrients in your shampoo and conditioner, which can also aid in hair regrowth!


Can you say that you know exactly what is in your hair care products? With the multitude of products on the market today boasting ultimate results, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting in that bottle of shampoo and conditioner. To truly experience top results for smooth, healthy, sleek hair, it’s crucial to make sure your hair is receiving the essential nutrients necessary. Ultimately, it’s important to look for products which are paraben free, sulfate free, and which contain natural ingredients.

Parabens and sulfates (amongst other chemicals that can be found in hair care products) can result in drying out the scalp, hair loss, and even reducing the longevity of hair color. For better and healthier hair, it’s best to choose products for your hair routine which contain organic and natural ingredients from Mother Nature herself! Not only is it important to clarify and cleanse the scalp and hair follicles, but it’s equally as important to ensure that the follicles are nourished thereafter.


While having the essential nutrients necessary is a key factor in healthier hair, it’s important to ensure that you’re getting the right ingredients for optimal hair growth! In choosing products for your hair routine that are giving your hair exactly what it needs, you’ll see the best results, not only long-term, but your hair will look and feel better short-term also! Three powerful nutrients that are rich in omegas and also aid in hair growth, are biotin, niacin, and MSM.

Biotin can aid in improving Keratin infrastructure, which is a protein that makes up your hair, skin, and nails. By depositing biotin directly into the hair follicle, it results in stronger, healthier, and thicker hair. Niacin is a vitamin which can help to nourish and hydrate the scalp and increase strength in the hair strand. Without niacin, hair can become brittle and dull hair. It is also known as Vitamin B3. MSM is a sulfur compound that actually is found naturally in the body. Sulfur is one of the primary building blocks for your hair and a key component in hair growth.

Guys – You can ensure that you’re getting all this and more in your hair routine with the Zac Von Sleek men’s shampoo. In addition to biotin, niacin, and MSM, DHT blockers are also included. What is a DHT blocker, and why is it important that it’s a part of your hair routine, you ask?

DHT is a male hormone made from testosterone. If you’re genetically prone to hair loss, DHT can cause the hair follicle to essentially shrink, and ultimately stop hair growth completely. Thankfully, this process doesn’t happen immediately or overnight, but prevention is key! By using a shampoo containing DHT blockers, it is more than possible to prevent hair loss from happening.

Ladies – While thankfully DHT isn’t a concern, hair loss can come from other factors, and making sure your shampoo can fight back is a priority! In conjunction with biotin, niacin, and MSM, it’s important to ensure that the hair follicles are properly moisturized with rich, natural oils, to prevent from breakage and brittleness. The Zac Von Sleek women’s shampoo contains rice protein, and oils such as cannabis oil, black seed oil, castor oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil to nourish and lock in moisture, for stronger and fuller hair! Natural oils can restore the shiny, smooth texture that we all dream of reaching, and prevent from brittle, dry hair which is prone to breakage!


After cleansing and clarifying the hair strand and follicles, it’s crucial to your hair routine to follow up with a great conditioner to lock in moisture and further nourish your hair. If you ever skip over conditioning your hair as a part of your hair routine, reconsider! Here’s why. Conditioning and deep conditioning your hair is imperative to adding body and volumizing. In addition, everyday conditioning also smooths the hair cuticle, nourishes in depth, and helps to restore the hair and prevent damage.

A great addition to your hair routine that can be done 2-3 times a week for extra added love, is deep conditioning. While conditioning is essential, deep conditioning can be a great additional process that works even harder to replace vital nutrients and minerals in the hair. It’s especially beneficial for those with over-processed, colored, brittle, and damaged hair. Hair that is over-processed and damaged can truly benefit greatly from the added moisture and extra potent nutrients, in order to deeply nourish and strengthen those tresses.

Choosing a conditioner that has optimal ingredients in it is equally as important, to ensure that your hair is benefitting the most from your conditioner. By ensuring that your conditioner contains vital oils which are partial to optimal hair growth, such as castor oil, argan oil, nettle extract, cannabis oil, black seed oil, jojoba oil, and hibiscus oil, you’re providing the proper nourishment your hair needs. Thankfully, you can get all these included in the Zach Von Sleek women’s conditioner. The no-weight formula will leave your hair refreshed, smooth, and sleek, without adding excessive moisture or weighing it down, making it a great choice for all hair types!

And guys, conditioning is just as important for you too! Regardless of if your hair has never been chemically processed, conditioning is key in locking in moisture and increasing hair strength and growth. By following up your shampoo routine with the Zac Von Sleek men’s conditioner, you’ll be getting biotin and MSM, oils such as castor oil, hibiscus oil, black seed oil, cannabis oil, and jojoba oil, and again, those DHT blockers to aid in hair loss prevention from saw palmetto and oak bark extract!


While it is most important to ensure that hair is receiving the fundamental nutrients, vitamins, and oils from your shampoo and conditioner, it’s equally as important to ensure that you’re protecting your hair from pollutants, heat damage, and UV rays. By following up your hair care routine with a great leave in serum or spray, it can prevent your hair from any damage caused from styling tools, and color fading due to UV rays from the sun.

Again, it’s best to look for products which are made from all natural, organic ingredients, to ensure your hair is getting top-notch quality ingredients, which are crucial to having luscious locks! By searching for products which contain certain oils and keratin-boosting vitamins (such as biotin), it can truly help your hair stay strong and healthy through blow drying, and using styling tools such as straighteners and curling irons.

A good leave in will tame frizz, nourish and moisturize, soften the hair, prevent split ends and breakage, and keep your hair from tangling! For curly hair, they can be great for keeping curls manageable and under control, so that you can style, or wear naturally, without having to worry about frizz and tangling. Leave-in conditioners are the perfect follow up to lock in moisture and protect from damage, without buildup or weighing down the hair.


The fun part! Hair can be a compliment to an outfit, an accessory, or essentially just truly make you, well, YOU! Follow these steps for a top-notch hair routine, and finish up by styling in confidence knowing that your hair is the healthiest on the block! Lock in your ‘do with a setting spray containing natural oils such as Moroccan oil, and voila! Not only will you be lookin’ good, but your hair will be feeling good!

The best hair is healthy hair, and rest assured, by following these tips and tricks, you too can achieve sleek, smooth, and strong locks! By adding a scalp massage, to making sure your shampoo and conditioner contain optimal ingredients to nourish and moisturize, to following up with a great leave-in to further lock in moisture, you’ll be on the fast track to having thick, sleek, healthy hair! So now do tell, what’s your hair routine?

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