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Zac Von Sleek

16 reviews for (HIS)DUO PACK

  1. Elijah K

    Dude just buy it now, this is the best brand out there!

  2. James W

    I wish they had a serum because this product is just the best I ever tried for men, and I tried a lot!

  3. Michael RW

    These products were recommended by a mate a work and I am glad I tried them. Dandruff is gone! My hair just seems healthier!

  4. Adam S

    So so glad I took a chance on these products. I was skeptical at first because of the price but now I am convinced of the quality of these products. Very happy!

  5. Justin B

    I started losing my hair a little while ago and I feel these products are really helping. So far I like them very much!

  6. Steve P

    My dandruff is gone! This is the best I ever tried, very pleased with my purchase. I will be back for more!

  7. Tony R

    I don’t usually leave reviews but I am really impressed by these products, they really do my hair good! It leaves my hair extremely soft, really like it!

  8. Joshua B

    Guys, this is it! Best products out there, and it smells really good! It really made a difference

  9. Clarence T

    Hair savior! These products are great!

  10. Rich L

    My hair seems stronger, I like the products so far.

  11. Pete

    My hair is so soft and manageable. The conditioner adds great moisture.

  12. Tom L.

    My new vegan lifestyle made me change my current shampoo. I also notice some shedding so I decided to give these a try. So far I am satisfied with the products.

  13. Andre K.

    I saw an ad on Facebook and I decided to try these products. I like how the products smell and feel on my hair.

  14. Brian J.

    These products improved my hair texture, very good quality. I am happy with my purchase.

  15. John S

    It seems that the shampoo and conditioner duo help bring thickness but I also noticed a significant decrease in the amount of dandruff. So far so good, I will keep on using it for at least 4 months as suggested, apparently patience is key.

  16. EW Jr

    I had high hopes for Zac Von Sleek (His) Conditioner and Shampoo before purchase because it had been recommended to me by a friend. I’ve tried other conditioners that didn’t make a difference and left my hair dry and brittle. I can undoubtedly say that I was not disappointed. After a few uses ive noticed my hair has been softer retaining moisture much better! Thanks ZVS, keep up the good work!

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