Zac von Sleek’s founder and creator, Fadela Zaoui, decided to combine her passion for natural products of all kinds as well as her personal mission of empowering foster children around the world. Coming from a foster home herself, she understands what it means to dream and now her dream is to share the benefits of her hard work with other children who may find themselves in similar situations as she did growing up.

Knowing that Foster kids are at risk children, often stuck between coming from a difficult home environment and then being placed in a system that can be very standardized, that lacks warmth and personalization. Never wanting children to experience this, Fadela and her team have set up various ways of giving back and one way starts with you.

“If you can dream it, you can do it.”

Walt Disney

Each one of your purchase will empower a child in foster care

Every purchase made is meaningful and will help a foster child in need, as well as expand the Zac Von Sleek brand, the foundation with expands exponentially as well. We will make sure to document all of the ways children have been helped on this page, the blog and our social media outlets. 10% of all profits will be allocated to the foundation.

“A lot of children give up on their hopes and dreams because of being confronted early on to the harsh reality of life. To reinstall a “dream state of mind” for these children is to give back their powers of imagination and their rights to build a better future through dreams and goal projection. Healthy child development is pivotal to a healthy happy life. Helping children grow is helping the future of humanity, all participation is required!”

Our Founder, Fadela Zaoui