Benefits of using home remedies for hair loss

Scared of seeing your bald head in the mirror? Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this! Hair loss has emerged as a leading problem in the modern world, especially in the past few years. It attributes to growing levels of stress in our advanced society. Unhealthy diet, genetics and hormonal imbalances also play their role. Physicians have come up with many treatments, but their efficacy is usually limited with considerable side effects- not to mention how hard these treatments go on your pocket.

If you’re tired of those pills or fancy named medical treatments, throw them away and try something natural at home! At times, the answer to complicated questions is quite simple. Home remedies are effective in hair regrowth, carry minimal risks and are inexpensive. Why go for home remedies? You might ask. Here are some reasons you might want to consider.


Home remedies can improve the circulation to your scalp

You will be surprised to know how a simple massage can improve the health of your hair. Yes, rubbing your scalp gently, using natural coconut or olive oil, can do wonders. Gentle massage increases the blood and nutrient supply to your hair- the massage is so relaxing you might go straight to sleep. These organic oils also contain nutrients that fight problems like dandruff and ward off nutrient deficiencies. You can use olive oil, coconut milk and almond oil for this purpose. Massaging your scalp twice or thrice a week will do the job.


Home remedies can block DHT conversion

By using homemade remedies, you can block dihydrotestosterone conversion to testosterone- testosterone is a male hormone that promotes hair fall. So what can you do? You can use natural DHT blockers. Some foods inhibit the enzyme responsible for this conversion. Research shows that saw palmetto, vitamin B6 and emu oil block DHT conversion and alleviate hair loss.


Through Home remedies, your hair get adequate proteins

Your hair are proteins themselves so if you want them healthy, increase your protein intake. Egg white contains excess proteins. Mix it with yogurt and a few drops of lemon juice. This paste, when applied to the scalp, strengthens hair roots and slows down hair fall.


Home remedies save money

Home remedies are easy to practice because they don’t put financial strains. You can grab most of the things right from your garden, pantry, kitchen or refrigerator. Edibles like onions, honey, eggs, coconut milk are readily available in the market at cheap rates.


Home remedies have no side effects

Drugs suggested for hair loss might carry harmful chemicals, but homemade remedies are natural and safe to use. You have nothing to lose while trying them.

So, start using home remedies now and be a party brat again with healthy hair!

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