A brief guide to hair loss prevention

Most people consider hair loss prevention only after they have lost so much hair. However, it is advisable to start taking care of it early. In fact, preventing hair loss is easier than treating hair loss. So you may ask, what the way forward?

1. Follow a healthy lifestyle

Just like your skin, hair is usually a barometer of general health. Therefore, everything you eat for good health applies to hair as well. Take your fruits and vegetables (Iron, Calcium, Vitamin B and Zinc have particularly been associated to healthy hair); make it a habit of taking a protein-rich diet and drink adequate water.


2. Avoid things bad for your hair

Some unhealthy hair practices can lead to hair loss. They may include:

Wearing hairstyles, which pull the hair tight

Unhealthy chemical treatments that destroys the hair

Blow – drying your hair – This process dries out the scalp and harms hair follicles.

Combing your hair when wet – This may put out hair strands from their roots or stretch and break others.

Sometimes, an increase in production of a male sex hormone called Dilhydrotestosterone (DHT) can lead to hair loss. It causes follicles to shrink leading to a shorter lifespan and a decline in hair production. In such a situation, a DHT blocker would be necessary.

A new remedy ideal for hair loss prevention is Zac Von Sleek and ZVS. It is a hair energy booster that is specially made to promote hair growth, resulting to richer, stronger and fuller hair. Most importantly, it caters for both men and women.

Therefore, never take your hair for granted; and remember prevention is better than cure.

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